Top 50 Career Management Bloggers

It’s always a good idea to consider your career. Whether you plan to find a new job, or whether you plan to advance from your current position, you need to know how to handle yourself, and how to be the best you can be. Career management is all about developing skills, defining your leadership style and understanding the system. Here are 50 career management blogs that can help you figure out where you are going — and how you can get there in style:

Life at Work

800px-Michigan_State_University_Digital_and_Multimedia_CenterYou need to figure out how to be happier at work. Or at least appear to be happier at work. Even if you are looking for a new job, you still want to make things smooth at your current workplace. After all, you don’t want to burn any bridges.

  1. All Things Workplace provides insight into everyday workings and relationships. This blog is written by Steve Roesler, the CEO Roesler Consulting Group.
  2. 8 hours & a lunch is written by Deb Owen. She provides helpful insight into building relationships with those you work with. She also has great tips for coping with hard times.
  3. Bob Sutton, a Stanford professor, writes on his blog about dealing with the people you can’t stand at work. A great blog for getting through the workday.
  4. Gruntled Employees is a great blog for people who are managers or who deal with others. Jay Shepherd, a lawyer, offers great advice on the law end of dealing with others in the workplace.
  5. Work Happy Now deals with trying to find your best self in the workplace. Includes helpful hints on stress relief and ways to enjoy yourself more at work.
  6. Chief Happiness Officer provides insightful information on loving your job and being happier. Alexander Kjerulf is a consultant who coaches people in the power of positivity.
  7. Fortify Your Oasis is a blog at which consultant Rowan Manahan provides helpful insight and encouragement for dealing with the workplace.

Career Development

You need to be able to figure out how to best manage your career and develop it in a way that will help you reach your career goals. These blogs can help you with career and personal development in a way that can benefit you for years to come.

  1. Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist addresses issues in the workplace and provides helpful advice that can get you ahead.
  2. Punk Rock Human Resources provides an HR perspective that can help you improve your career. Career development with an attitude.
  3. Four Hour Work Week is written by pioneering “lifestyle designer” Tim Ferriss. Figure out how to live the life you want, and do the work you want.
  4. JibberJobber Blog offers advice and information on numerous aspects of job and career management.
  5. JobMob is a great blog for helping you learn career management skills, interact with others and even look for a job.
  6. The Career Encouragement Blog helps you focus on creating a career that is satisfying and successful.
  7. Career Hub offers free advice from a number of career experts — including advice on managing your identity online.
  8. Seth Godin’s Blog provides interesting insight on personal development, career development and marketing.

Job Skills

You gots ta have the skillz if you want a good job and a good career. Here are some blogs that can help you polish a number of your skills in order to become a better “catch” at your current workplace — or the desired candidate for a new job.

  1. The Human Capitalist offers insight into what makes a person “valuable”, and includes information on technology and its uses.
  2. Pongo Resume Blog looks at how you can improve your resume, and offers tips on interviewing.
  3. The Career Key Blog provides pointers and other information on developing job skills.
  4. 21st Century Job Market looks at a number of skills that are essential in today’s job market.
  5. The ICT Job Hunter Blog is written by Todd Bravol and provides insight into personal branding and skills development.
  6. Seattle Interview Coach, Lewis Lin, can help you develop the interview skills that can help you land a new job — or get a promotion in your current job.
  7. CAREEREALISM focuses on developing skills, online and in the workplace, that can make you a better employee and even leader on the job.
  8. Ask a Manager is a helpful look into what you can do get along better with your boss.


In order to advance in your career, you need to show leadership skills. Here are some great blogs to help you learn about leadership.

  1. Execupundit provides insight on management and leadership in the workplace.
  2. The Engaging Brand is about how you can manage your personal brand — and help others in your company (and the company) manage theirs.
  3. Leadership Turn offers a different view of leadership, and how you can develop the skills to become a better leader.
  4. Great Leadership looks at different issues in leadership, and provides insight into current leadership practices.
  5. Three Star Leadership provides an interesting take on becoming a leader in the workplace.
  6. Slow Leadership looks at developing leadership skills.
  7. HR Thoughts is really about leadership. Don’t be fooled by “HR” in the title. Blog author Lisa plans to change the name of the blog anyway.
  8. Cranky Middle Manager is a fun way to look at leadership and management issues.


Learn about how to be recruited. These blogs provide insight into what recruiters and talent scouts are looking for, and how you can make yourself more valuable.

  1. The Recruiters Lounge offers insight into the world of recruiters. Helps you know what others are looking for.
  2. Six Degrees from Dave is a blog about recruitment and finding out how to connect with others.
  3. Cheezhead looks at ways recruiters use technology and other means to find employees.
  4. The Talent Buzz is all about what makes desirable talent in a workplace.
  5. Compensation Force can help you figure out how much you are worth, and how to earn it.
  6. Workplace Learning Today provides insight into how people learn on the job, and how you can become a better candidate.

Human Resources

If you want to know how to advance your career, and learn the ins and outs, it can help to be “in” with human resources. Learn about what others look for in a desirable employee, and learn how you can advance your career by knowing what the people who make the decisions are thinking.

  1. Human Resources gives insight into HR, training and other workplace advancement issues.
  2. Evil HR Lady provides helpful insight and information on what goes on inide the head of an HR person.
  3. HRM Business Practices and Notes offers an inside view of human resources.
  4. HR Daily Advisor looks at best practices and how you can get in with the HR deparment.
  5. George’s Employment Blawg can be helpful as you navigate human resources and learn what you are entitled to legally.
  6. HR Wench is an entertaining look at HR professionals and what they go through.
  7. Systematic HR looks at how technology is used in the workplace and for HR purposes.
  8. Michael Specht provides a helpful view of career management, technology, human resources and how it all fits together.


You should know how organizations operate, and the theory behind the workplace environment. The more you know, the better you’ll do.

  1. Spinfluencer is about corporate communications and influence.
  2. Flip Chart Fairy Tales focuses on business communication and practice.
  3. Orgtheory is a helpful look at the way organizations and businesses are set up, and how you can navigate them.
  4. Authentic Organizations provides insight into business organizations and how they function.
  5. White Spaces looks at how you can fit yourself into an organization and thrive.

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