Top 50 Legal Career Blogs

There are quite a few careers associated with our system of law. A number of legal careers are available across the system. And you don’t need to be a lawyer in order to reap the benefits of a rewarding career in the legal professions. You can be a paralegal, court reporter or even involved in law enforcement and still contribute to the legal profession. If you are interested in the law, here are 50 legal career blogs that can help you find your way:


58064759When most people think of legal careers, they think of lawyers. And, while there is much more to having a legal career than being a lawyer, it is clear that this is one of the most high profile law professions. Here are some lawyer blogs that can help you learn about developing a career as a lawyer:

  1. Legal Careers: has a great blog devoted to what’s going on the world of law, including for lawyers.
  2. Lawyerist: See quick snippets of what’s going on in the world of legal careers, especially for aspiring lawyers.
  3. Jobless Lawyer: This lawyer used his own situation to create a blog to help other lawyers search for careers.
  4. Ms. JD: This is a collection of helpful career information aimed at women who want to be lawyers.
  5. Law21: Analyzes trends and looks for indications of what’s really happening with legal careers, especially for lawyers.
  6. The Shark: Covering law schools and looking at the career path followed by a lawyer from the trenches.
  7. Law Career Blog: This blog is no longer being updated regularly, but there is a good collection of archived posts that are helpful for lawyers.
  8. Legal Profession Blog: Helpful information on pursuing a career in a legal profession.


You don’t have to be a lawyer to be involved with a legal career. A paralegal does many of the same things a lawyer does, but without the JD. A paralegal is also sometimes called legal assistants, and they gather facts, interview witnesses, collect documents and do a number of legal jobs.

  1. New York Paralegal Blog: Get the latest news and information on being a paralegal, and get good tips on making the most of your career.
  2. Practical Paralegalism: Get an inside look at what is going on in the trenches of a paralegal career.
  3. ParalegalGatway’s Weblog: Insightful advice and information on being a paralegal.
  4. The Estrin Report: A place for professional paralegals to go to find support, information and career trends.
  5. USLegal Paralegals: Information on developing your career as a paralegal.
  6. Paralegal Programs Blog: Covers interesting news and trends related to the paralegal career.
  7. A Paralegal’s Blog: This offering from BlogHer provides insight into how you can improve your career.

Practice Specific

There are a number of legal blogs devoted to different aspects of the law. Here are some of the best blogs related to specific areas of practice.

  1. Blog: Get an inside look at what’s happening in the world of corporate law, and what it takes to do a good job.
  2. Copyrights & Campaigns: A law-based look at copyright law and political campaigns.
  3. Election Law: Learn about the laws that govern elections.
  4. Drug and Device Law: Find out about what’s it’s like to be involved in drug law, and the processes that devices and drugs go through before being approved.
  5. HealthBlawg: Learn about the ins and outs of being a health care legal consultant.
  6. Counterfeit Chic: An interesting blog that combines designer fashion with law.
  7. Blog: Learn about patent law, and keep up to date on the latest goings-on at the U.S. patent office.
  8. Green Building Law Blog: Learn about the issues surrounding green building.
  9. Citizen Media Law Project: Keep tabs on media law and learn about being a better legal professional.
  10. The Pop Tort: This is all about civil law — and has an unabashed pro-plaintiff slant.
  11. Taxgirl: Learn about tax law and get savvy, interesting insight.


Being a judge is a legal career, too. Here are some great blogs that allow you insight into what it’s like to be a judge.

  1. SCOTUSblog: The ultimate judge blog: This is a blog that follows the U.S. Supreme Court.
  2. The Becker-Posner Blog: These two guys have been judges, and now they’re law professors. Interesting insight about legal issues.
  3. Say What?!: This is a humorous blog offers insight from the late judge Jerry Buchmeyer.

Court Reporter

You can help courts document testimony and proceedings as a court reporter. This is a legal career that is in high demand, and requires a high level of skill. There are even court videographers now.

  1. Kramm Court Reporting Blog: Learn helpful tips and information about court reporting.
  2. CSRnation: A helpful site and blog aimed at helping court reporters and others in legal careers similar to that.
  3. Court Reporters Court Reporting Nationwide: Tools, tips and more related to court reporting.
  4. Association of Video Professionals Blog: While not aimed specifically at court reporting, this is a useful blog with information about being a better videographer, which can be helpful for those who are interested in being court videographers.
  5. New York Court Reporters Blog: Includes information on court reporting jobs and tips for professional development.
  6. Sassy Mama Says…: Follow the exploits of this court reporter who has done a number of jobs related to the legal profession.

Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement

Get an insight into criminal justice and law enforcement with these blogs, and learn how to make it in a criminal justice legal career.

  1. Crime & Consequences: A look at the basics of crime — and its legal consequences.
  2. Defending People: An interesting look about what it’s like being a criminal defense lawyer.
  3. TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime: A look at crime, and how it is sometimes related to politics.
  4. Sentencing Law and Policy: Learn about how sentencing works, and different aspects of related policy.
  5. The Policeman’s Blog: Learn about what it’s like to be a cop — from the source.
  6. Cop in the Hood: An interesting take on being a cop from a sociologist who became a policeman in a rough Baltimore neighborhood.
  7. Forensic News Blog: Get the latest in what going on in forensic science.
  8. Psychology and Crime News: Forensic psychology and information on performing better as a forensic scientist.

Legal Theory

Keep up on the latest ideas of law. Understanding legal theory and trends is paramount to advancing your legal career.

  1. IdeoBlog: Ideas about law, specifically business law.
  2. A Failure of Capitalism: An interesting look at economics and law.
  3. Empirical Legal Studies: This blog is devoted to looking at the numbers and facts behind legal theory.
  4. Concurring Opinions: Follows different ideas of law, and how it impacts society.
  5. Legal Ethics Forum: Attacks issues related to ethics and law.
  6. Mirror of Justice: This takes a religious look at legal theory, from a Catholic point of view.
  7. Volokh Conspiracy: Viewpoints from a number of legal wonks and experts about what is happening in law today.

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