Top 50 Legal Career Blogs

December 21, 2009

There are quite a few careers associated with our system of law. A number of legal careers are available across the system. And you don’t need to be a lawyer in order to reap the benefits of a rewarding career in the legal professions. You can be a paralegal, court reporter or even involved in law enforcement and still contribute to the legal profession. If you are interested in the law, here are 50 legal career blogs that can help you find your way: [click to continue…]

It’s always a good idea to consider your career. Whether you plan to find a new job, or whether you plan to advance from your current position, you need to know how to handle yourself, and how to be the best you can be. Career management is all about developing skills, defining your leadership style and understanding the system. Here are 50 career management blogs that can help you figure out where you are going — and how you can get there in style: [click to continue…]